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Jane Doe – Example Campaign

by Tacit Skills Fund-Me Division Tags : contracts, fidic, jbcc, nec4

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Cape Town, South Africa

Example Campaign

Having a great campaign is only the start on the journey, and the quality of your campaign can mean the difference between reaching your targets or being completely ignored. In fact, a good campaign is often the first time a funder/backer will encounter your campaign so making a good impression is crucial. But what exactly makes a good campaign, and how do you campaign your big idea to a global market?

Here we share a couple of tips to keep in mind for your campaign.

  • You will have to make a strong impression on your funders/backers, so write a short and compelling description of the required goals and course you’re raising money for – Why do you need it? How will the course outcome affect your career goals? Focus on a strong headline that summarizes the goals you would like to achieve with the course. You’re trying to advance your career and the solution you’re proposing is to get funded to achieve this goal. Feel free to illustrate your story with testimonials that demonstrate the impact this course will make on your organization.
  • Telling your professional work-related story is a great way to build a social media following as well as help your funders/backers relate to you as a customer.
  • In order for backers to notice you, you should be active and present your campaign out into the world. Social media is the perfect way to spread the word and tell your story at the same time. Using creative ways to engage with your audience and build relationships with potential investors will be well worth your time.
  • To ensure your campaign is successful it’s vital that you promote yourself in the right marketplaces such as LinkedIn and the correct and honest information is presented.
  • Fund-Me will assist in marketing your campaign too – but for the maximum effect, it’s best practice to share your profile with your LinkedIn connections. Every backer helps towards your goals!
  • Fund-Me will help with giving your campaign a boost by supplying on your behalf information about the selected course.
  • These are the things you should take into account when looking at your campaign, as a way to raise capital for your course. Crowdfunding isn’t always an easy way to raise money but when done well it can be extremely beneficial.
  • Backers can be; Your work colleagues, family, friends, anonymous individuals, and anonymous companies. Therefore your profile should be unique and true to who you are as a working professional in the industry.
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R2,000.00 November 01, 2021


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